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Putting Appliances and Fragile Items in Storage: Prep Tips

appliances and home electronics in boxes

Many of the items you place in storage require little thought: you simply place clothing in a lidded bin, place unbreakable belongings in a box, and place shoes in their original boxes before transporting them to storage. The only consideration you might have is to make sure you don't pack things in too heavy, or you'll have issues transporting boxes.

But appliances and fragile items require a bit more thought and care to ensure they store properly. Here are preparation tips for the delicate items you will be placing in self-storage.


All appliances should be cleaned thoroughly prior to placing them in storage. Remove all shelving and removable units and wash them with soap and water or a bleach and water combination - use warm or cool water to a low bleach ratio to maximize the antibacterial effect of this popular household item.

Specifically for washing machines and dishwashers, they should be wiped out and drained to prevent water buildup inside the appliances while they are in storage.

Other preparations you should make for appliances going into storage include the following.

Pack Items in Original Boxes

Smaller appliances, such as blenders, microwaves, and other appliances should be placed in their original boxes. The boxes protect the items within and help you to know what is inside the box for easier storage organization.

Wrap Larger Appliances

Large appliances that cannot be placed in boxes should be wrapped with plastic shipping wrap, heavy blankets, or even a bubble wrap to protect these items against water damage, dents, and other potential harm. Tape all cords to the sides of appliances before wrapping them to protect the units and create less of a tripping hazard for you when transporting them.

Store Appliances Accordingly

Never store a refrigerator or other large appliance on its side, even during transport. All appliances should be stored in an upright position and never stacked on top of one another. Smaller appliances can be stacked on one another as long as the heaviest item is on the bottom.

Fragile Items

Fragile items, such as glass, collectibles, and porcelain should always be individually wrapped before placing each item in a plastic bin (not a cardboard box, which can easily break and provides little protection). Select bins with latched lids for added protection when transporting and stacking bins in your self-storage unit.

Other preparation tips for storing fragile items include the following handy tips.

Use Filler Packing Material

Do not let fragile items sit loosely inside a storage bin. Fill empty space with old socks, balled up newspaper, popped popcorn, or even pieces of old towels or clothing. You should be able to gently shake a bin with fragile items and feel nothing move inside if you've packed items right.

Stack Bins With Care

While you can stack bins with fragile items in them so long as each bin has a lid, take care when placing your bins in storage. Bins stacked too high can tumble due to lack of balance, causing your items to crash to the ground.

Store Large Items Alone

Mirrors, frames, and other large fragile items should be stored alone, standing upright. Do not lay heavy and large fragile belongings on their side, even in a safe bin, to prevent accidental breakage.

Choose a storage unit that features climate control so you can keep your appliances and fragile items in an ideal temperature. Your storage unit facility manager will show you many options for storage units with shelving, lighting, and climate control to meet your needs best.

If you pack your appliances and fragile belongings correctly, you should be able to store these things with no problem. Call Oakdale Self Storage for more information or to reserve one of our units online today.