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Use Self-Storage for Inherited Items

Self Storage
An inheritance can often leave you with many treasured items that you need to quickly store. Before you can begin to start dealing with them, you need to make space for them. That may not always be possible inside of your home. A self-storage unit can help.

Self-Storage Is a Fast, Simple Solution

Even if you're ultimately going to allocate items throughout your family, you need a solution  now. Many families are going to still be dealing with arrangements and other issues following the passing of a loved one, so you may need to put inherited items aside to deal with later on.
Some items may need to be discussed with family members, and the entire family may need to come together to go through them all. Trying to give them away quickly could lead to mistakes and hurt feelings. You also don't want to make rash decisions, such as selling something you'd truly like to keep. A storage unit allows you to store items until you can go through them properly.

Self-Storage Can Be Climate-Controlled

Many inherited items have to be kept in a climate-controlled area. Your home may not be as climatecontrolled as a self-storage. As an example, humidity can wreak havoc on things like antiques, musical instruments, and art. If your home isn't suited to these inherited items, a self-storage unit may be the most viable choice.
Self-storage units are kept at an exact temperature and humidity. More importantly, this climate remains static. While your home temperature and humidity may fluctuate, the self-storage units will not. Temperature fluctuations are what often harm things like wood furniture.

Self-Storage Can Be Long-Term

You may have inherited furniture that you want to use someday but don't have the space for now. Items of art or decor might be great for your dream home, but you don't have a place for them yet.
Self-storage is affordable and convenient enough that you can keep items in storage for a long time to come. You can even keep the items in there permanently if you have items you want to keep in the family but don't know how to use.
Some people store items from their parents to eventually give to their grandchildren. With a self-storage unit, you could save a grandfather's piano for your children when they get older or save your parent's furniture for your children when they move out of the house.

Self-Storage Is Secure

Though sad to say, some criminals specifically target families who have experienced a tragedy. These criminals aren't just looking for an inheritance (though that's a bonus). They're looking for homes that are going to be empty during grieving and funeral services.
Self-storage is a secure, locked area in which you can keep your prized possessions until you can deal with them later. Though you'll lock your self-storage unit on your own (and the self-storage facility won't even be able to get into it), the self-storage facility will have cameras and on-premise security. 
Thieves also won't know where to look for these things. Unfortunately, some theft comes from family friends and estranged family members who are looking for a specific item.
If you're currently grieving and trying to deal with an inheritance, a self-storage unit may be able to help. By renting a self-storage unit, you can set the issue aside to deal with later. This gives you the time to work with your family to find the right place for each object or to get to a time in your life when you need them.
For more information about renting a self-storage unit or to get a quote on a self-storage unit contact Oakdale Self Storage.